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What makes eBoundHost better for my Magento store?

We understand Magento intimately and provide you with a completely customized & tuned platform, not just a server. Our dedicated Magento team takes the time to understand your specific needs to provide amazing results. View our case studies to see real results.

Why are you so inexpensive compared to the competitors?

We've developed templates which allow us to automate most processes making migration, optimization, and continuous operation extremely efficient. Additionally, we are growing our client base the old fashioned way: through referrals. We spend less on advertising, you spend less for hosting with us. (This allows us to spend the $$$,$$$ our competition spends on advertising on our infrastructure.)

Why are you so expensive compared to other competitors?

If you are comparing us to lower-end shared hosting companies, then we are more expensive because we offer a completely customized platform, not just hosting. Magento does not run well on $4/mo shared hosting, we tried it.

Can I try the platform before I buy it?

Our hardware and labor investment in each deployment is very considerable. However, there are no contracts, it is very easy to put us to the test without a commitment.


How long will migration take?

In most cases your platform will be built on the same or the following business day. Then, we will mirror your current store to the platform and optimize for performance. This could take another day or two depending on how large your site is. Next, you will be able to test your store prior to finalization and you can take as long as you want for testing.

Will I lose any customer data during migration?

Absolutely not. We sync the database and files prior to final migration.

When is the best time to migrate?

Your call. Typically the best time is when your store has the least amount of traffic - overnight. The timing is completely up to you.

Will eBoundHost handle the entire migration?

Yes. If we have access to your web and database files, magento admin area, and registrar, we will handle the entire migration for you.

Do you have a migration check-list?

Yes. We will provide that for you when you sign up.


Can I have more than 1 Magento store on the Community platform?

Yes. But only one store will be able to take advantage of JetRails(TM) - with Varnish. We recommend running production stores on separate Community platforms.

Where is your datacenter located?

We operate out of two data centers in Chicagoland area.

Can I have root access?

You will be provided with cPanel, phpMyAdmin, FTP, SSH access with the dedicated platforms. The cloud platform does not come with cPanel.

Can I make changes in my production environment any time?

Yes, but we do not recommend that. Best practice is to have a dedicated development server for obvious reasons.

How do upgrades for storage and RAM work?

Easy, just let us know. Please allow for a 10 minute maintenance window during RAM upgrades. For additional storage upgrades there is no service window required. Just give us a call.

Are you PCI compliant?

Yes, out of the box.

What does fully managed mean?

It means that the platform is fully managed by us. All you have to worry about is development. We take care of the rest including backups, OS / kernel updates, firewall, hardware, etc.

Can I purchase an unmanaged Magento platform?

Yes. The price will be the same as a managed platform.


Does Varnish integration come standard?

Yes. The configuration of Varnish for one store is standard with our JetRails(TM) platform.

Do you offer additional optimization services?

Yes. We offer image optimization and will let your development team know what other things they can do to speed up the store.

Can I add a CDN & is it included?

Yes you can. CDN is included with all plans. Note: If you have an EV SSL certificate CDN is not free.

Do you provide SSL certificates?

Yes, one standard SSL certificate is provided for your store at no cost to you. You can purchase additional ones for $50/year.

Can I use LiteSpeed?

We don't recommend it, but you are more than welcome to. Our platform out performs stand-alone LiteSpeed.

Another host tried to configure Varnish for me but it broke my site. Can you configure it?

Yes, we know what we are doing.

How are your servers any different than other hosts online?

We offer platforms. The server is just one part of the platform. We layer Apache, Nginx and Varnish to create the perfect environment for your Magento store.

How do I know if this platform is right for my store?

We benchmark the performance results before and after migration so we can see the differences in performance. We use this data in our case studies and make it public if we are allowed.


Do you offer discounts for yearly plans?

We do not offer discounts because our prices are very competitive.

What if I'm not happy with your platform?

Very unlikely, but just call and we'll work something out. How about a 30 day value guarantee?

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes. Our billing system is automated and monthly.


How secure is my data?

It is very secure. We have a dedicated security team that monitors all operations and ensures safety of your store.

What data is backed up, where is it stored, and how long is it stored for?

All of your web files and databases are backed up locally and remotely. There is a daily weekly and monthly retention of data. If you would like something different, please let us know we will be happy to provide a longer retention.


Do you have 24/7 support?

Yes. All tickets are answered within minutes and we are always just a phone call away. During business hours, you will have instant availability with your own Project Manager (that is in addition to the standard 24/7 support)

Do I have instant Skype access to my platform manager?


Do you have a ticketing system?


Do you offer advanced support for non-hardware related requests?

Yes. You can purchase advanced support blocks. A 5 hour support block is $375 and does not have an expiration date.


Why can't I have root access?

You can have root access, but then your platform becomes unmanaged and you will not be able to take advantage of our JetRails(TM) optimization.

What happens if I don't pay on time?

You will get an overdue notice. We allow 15 day grace period for late payments, however, we ask to be paid on time for the great work we do.


What measurements are a part of the speed tests?

We measure time to first byte, page load time (for various product pages), and high availability impact. During our testing process, it is possible that your site may become slow when we perform the load test. Please let us know if you would like us to take it easy on the load test because we do not want to interrupt your live production environment during peak business hours.

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