Our servers are custom built by our in-house admins from the top-shelf enterprise components by such vendors as Intel, LSI, Supermicro, Seagate and Western Digital. These systems do not look like your average desktop system, they are a case study in industrial design efficiency, without a single non-functional component. From the enterprise grade power supply to the rack mounted form factor, these servers are designed for one thing only, to host your website in the most efficient manner possible.

Dedicated Server

Welcome to the enterprise level of hosting.

Typical reasons for a dedicated server:

Business requires dedicated hardware

  • Due to varying industry regulations.
  • Special security considerations.
  • Merchant PCI Compliance.

Pure, unspoiled power

  • Customers who get slasshdotted, dugg, reddited, etc.
  • Popular blogs and news outlets.
  • Popular social network sites.
  • Customers who are upgrading from Hosting for Business or VPS.

The Self Managed Dedicated Server line also serves as a building block for the Managed Servers.