Web hosting should be the easiest part of running your business. As your infrastructure provider, we strive to maintain utmost uptime with blazing fast content delivery. Expect no-lag websites and instantly delivered email. During business hours and off-peak times, our servers are running and a 24/7/365 USA based support team to assist you through any emergencies. We are the technological backbone of your businesses and your personal IT team.

Why would I want to use this package?

Other hosting providers deploy 2,000 websites on a typical server. We keep this number to a maximum of 120 domains or 40 total users, whichever comes first. Such sparsely populated servers are not bottlenecked for RAM, CPU, or Disk I/O. MySQL queries run faster, websites fly open, email is delivered faster, with considerably fewer outages.

Wait a second, where is the chart with hosting features?

You don't need the chart since the Hosting for Business package includes all
the great features from the Hosting Unlimited package, with a few exceptions:

  • Limit of 3 domain names per account.
  • Limit of 25 email addresses per domain name.
  • Only 39 other users on the same server.

But if you are interested in seeing the details, proceed to The Chart.

Who is the perfect customer for Hosting for Business?

Most business users value stability and uptime. Although it's marginally more expensive, this package provides significant advantages over traditional hosting plan. With just 39 other customers sharing the server there are less outages, hacks, denial of service attacks, less problems.

Does this mean your other packages are less stable?

Yes and no. The servers that host both Hosting for Business and Hosting Unlimited packages are identical in software and hardware. They are tuned the same way, are monitored and updated on the same schedules, they are even the same color. However, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that a server with only 40 customers is going to be significantly more stable and have a better overall experience than a server hosting two thousand domains.

What happens when I outgrow this plan?

By the time you outgrow this package, it's safe to say that you need to hire a full time webmaster and search engine specialist. We can help them to migrate your website to a VPS or a Dedicated Server. Since all our packages are maintained under similar software, we can help to migrate your account with no downtime.


How good is your uptime?

We maintain a 99.97% uptime guarantee. This means that on average your website will be unreachable for no more than 15 minutes per month. From a technical standpoint this is an astounding accomplishment when you consider the dynamics of running internet facing web servers, under constant barrage of hacking attempts and servicing thousands of non-stop requests.