5,216 Days Of Uptime

Keeping our Service Level Agreement uptime promise since the year 2000, we consistently experience less than 15 minutes of unscheduled downtime per month. It's a spectacular track record.

Fantastic USA (Chicago) Based Technical Support

No complicated phone menus, you call, we pick up the phone. If we are not available to answer your call immediately, send an email and most issues will be resolved within 30 minutes, guaranteed. Our tech support team is the best in the industry, we know this because customers tell us all the time.

Rock Solid Hosting Platform

Server hardware custom designed from ground up for maximum reliability. Bullet-proof operating system built with security and speed in mind. Final piece of the puzzle is the cPanel hosting platform for easy customer navigation and control.

We Genuinely Care About Your Uptime

Whether its their fault, our fault or nobody's fault, the customer is always right, and when their website is down, it's treated as an emergency. We value your business and go the extra mile to make sure your hosting experience is a good one.

Your Personal IT Team

Web Hosting is complicated, but we are here to make it easy. Trust our team of experts to take the burden off your shoulders. Focus on your own business and let us take care of your website and email. We can offer this freedom so you can accellerate your future.

Easy Migration Path

If you can make a backup file with your current hosting company, we can help to move your account to our servers with almost no downtime. If you don't have access to a backup file, our experts can help you make the move anyway.