Located in a carrier neutral, Tier III+, 2N+1, SAS 70 Type II compliant facility, the eBoundHost data center is the very definition of State of the Art. It is one of the most secure, most redundant data centers in the USA and one of the premiere data centers worldwide.

Video surveillance and electronic motion sensors provide continuous interior and exterior observation and 30-day retained storage. The building's single entry point is outfitted with security sensors, vandal resistant and bulletproof glass, biometric hand scanning, mantraps, private parking lot and a secure loading dock.





Peering with some of the largest Tier 1 bandwidth providers, we are truly a carrier neutral host. Whether you will arrive to our network through XO, AboveNet, Level(3), SAVVIS, AT&T or Quest, depends on the current optimal route to your location. On the rare occasion when a provider goes down, traffic is simply rerouted to the surviving links without any outages to end users.

Located conveniently in the heart of the continental USA, it's a short hop to any metropolitan center. Your visitors in Los Angeles and Seattle will have just as fast of a response as those in New York and Miami.

Our international network shows the following ping times:

  • UK: 105 ms
  • France: 119 ms
  • Germany: 119 ms
  • Moscow: 148 ms
  • Israel: 176 ms
  • Turkey: 169 ms
  • Japan: 186 ms
  • Hong Kong: 225 ms
  • Shanghai: 223 ms
  • Beijing: 257 ms
  • Australia: 216 ms
  • South Africa: 276 ms

Don't take our word for it, download a test file yourself.

If your download was slow, its definitely on your side, our network can sustain multiple concurrent 1 gigabit per second streams.

Electrical Power Infrastructure

  • Power room is a fully independent Electrical Distribution Matrix with dual feed source support
  • On-Site diesel fuel-based power generation
  • Diverse power rack PDU distribution in 120/208, NEMA or IEC receptacles
  • Multiple power lineups with high density deployments
  • Redundant power infrastructure on all system levels
  • Power backup systems include redundant APC Power Distribution Units (A+B)

Electrical Power Generators

  • Three 1.25 MW and three 2.25 MW Caterpillar and Cummins generators
  • 48-hour on-site fuel capacity per generator
  • Multiple re-fueling contracts

Facility HVAC

  • Twenty 135-ton custom Trane rooftop units
  • Over 1000 cfm for each supply and return
  • Multiple thermal layers and real-time electronic adjustment of cooling needs for each individual cage or cabinet space
  • Multiple Liebert CRAC units provide cooling for electrical rooms and private micro-suite data centers

Fire Protection

  • Pre-action multi-zoned VESDA smoke detection system monitoring all areas of data center
  • Two-stage dry pipe suppression system with localized distribution